The first AI educational course for middle school in Italy.

Lucy is the educational project implemented by Ammagamma in collaboration with the Istituto Comprensivo IC3 Mattarella, in Modena.

What is Lucy

It is a STEAM educational project, active since the school year 2020/2021, integrating technical thinking and humanities.

The objective

To train new, young intelligences to dialogue with technology.

The approach

Using technology to create new interdisciplinary skills.

The methodology that stimulates a critical thinking

The methodology of Lucy is based on the teaching scheme proposed by the white paperDe arte intelligendi“, a document that studies the institutional state of the art on AI education and proposes a teaching methodology based on three sequential stages.

Pre para tion

Introduction to the context that made possible the development of AI

Part icipa tion

Scientific and technical insight into AI systems

Elab ora tion

Implementation of a project work for authentic learning

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