Enter the world
of Ammagamma

We are always looking for new professionals with a desire to get involved, learn, and bring their own contribution to our company.

Our values


Freedom for us does not mean the absence of rules, but a chance to take risks, an opportunity to express different opinions, passions, ideas and dreams.


Humility is essential in our attitude to contamination, listening, dialogue, discussion, and willingness to learn from those around us.


We are driven by passion that fuels our desire to experiment, to learn, and to constantly challenge ourselves.


We seek harmony in complexity to achieve the right balance between technique and aesthetics in the development of our solutions.

I like
about data
That it never
bores me."

TingTing Peng, Data Scientist

“The Architect
of clouds”

Riccardo Capecchi, Cloud Architect

"Experimenting with shapes, with drawing,
with imagination, writing tales of the absurd,
allows us to create new imaginary
fantastic about AI."

Francesca Fiocchi, Art & Design Manager

and enthusiastic
of being able to
give my contribution
to the expansion
of Ammagamma."

Paolo Leonardi, Chief Financial Officier

We are a
multidisciplinary team of mathematicians,
physicists, philosophers and designers.

"Ever since I was a little girl,
I have always wanted to find out
what is behind a computer,
so my passion for informatics
and data science”

Laura Canalini, Data Scientist

“Ammagamma attracted me
for its mix of heterogeneous skills needed
to address problems
that do not have prepackaged solutions”

Daniele Bigoni, Data Scientist

Full-Stack Academy

An adventure within the walls of our Convent, under the banner of full-stack development. This Academy was an opportunity for 8 young developers to develop new data architecture & visualization skills within Ammagamma, thanks to direct contact and the daily work alongside the entire company team.

Academy 2023 coming soon…