In a highly competitive and volatile market, such as that of Telco, understanding the needs of the end user is essential to consolidate business. By interpreting the amount of data available, we support you in the definition of effective marketing strategies and in the optimization of asset management.

Demand forecasting and warehouse management

We help you predict demand and market trends to improve supply chain and warehouse management.

Purchasing propensity and churn prediction

We apply AI systems that allow you to obtain accurate estimates of customers’ churn risk and purchasing propensity.

Price optimization

We provide quantitative forecasts and information to support your sales and market penetration strategies.

Back office automation

We robotize highly repetitive procedures to bring more efficiency into back office processes.

Case studies

Market demand forecast

For technological products, whose characteristics evolve quickly, forecasting sales volumes is complex. Machine learning models, enriched with exogenous data, are used to predict demand and optimize warehouse reorders.

Demand forecasting and reordering optimization of all references

+50% increase in effectiveness in forecasting demand