We offer intelligent solutions for store management, warehouse and reorder optimization, identification of the best product prices and customer loyalty, through personalized marketing campaigns.

Product demand forecast

We help you manage reorders easily and securely in your stores by forecasting the market demand for products.

Optimized warehouse management

We automatically determine the reordering calendar to always guarantee you the correct safety stock.

Dynamic pricing

We improve the performance of your advertising campaigns and discounts, through dynamic pricing models.

Energy optimization

We minimize the energy consumption of stores, ensuring the optimal level of comfort within your outlets.

Case studies

Automatic regulation of HVAC systems for buildings

Reduction of energy consumption between 16% and 30%

Reduced time for analyzing consumption at the multisite

For a more effective management of multi-site systems, specific performance KPIs are defined, to automatically identify anomalies or reductions in performance. Thanks to the use of smart alerts, it is possible to intervene promptly thus reducing the impact of malfunctions.

Creation of performance indices (KPIs)

Identification of consumer clusters

Analysis by cluster. Automated detection of anomalies. Smart alerts

Improved process monitoring