We improve insurance and banking businesses: we automate back office procedures, automatically identify fraud and optimize the energy management of offices. The application of all-round AI algorithms is revolutionizing the efficiency of this sector.

Marketing enhancement and churn prediction

We develop automatic recommendation systems to improve product cross-selling strategies and help you predict churn risk.

Fraud identification

We improve process management by identifying fraud, basing on data analysis.

Process automation

We robotize back-office procedures to enhance processes and to automate SAP.

Energy Optimization

We help you reduce the Carbon Footprint and the overall environmental impact of your company.

Case studies

Automation of back-office activities in the banking sector

recovered approximately 14 full-time equivalents in 6 months (the full-time work of 14 internal resources)

Strengthening of the governance of the mortgage process

+reduction of manual errors

Less time needed to analyze energy costs in the service sector

The contents of the energy bills are digitized, mapped and analyzed, making every single expense transparent. The system is able to identify inefficiencies and anomalies to be corrected and supports the planning of improvement interventions.

Component analysis

Automated detection of anomalies in energy invoicing

Consumptions and cost analysis archive

Reduced time for analyzing consumption at the multisite

For a more effective management of multi-site systems, specific performance KPIs are defined, to automatically identify anomalies or reductions in performance. Thanks to the use of smart alerts, it is possible to intervene promptly thus reducing the impact of malfunctions.

Creation of performance indices (KPIs)

Identification of consumer clusters

Analysis by cluster. Automated detection of anomalies. Smart alerts

Improved process monitoring

Optimization of BEMS for the banking sector

Based on meteorological data and system dynamics inferred from historical data, our algorithms allow effective and dynamic regulation of temperature set points to reduce energy waste, ensuring the ideal level of comfort in offices.

+ Increase in the level of comfort within branches

– 17% Reduction in energy consumption in 1 year of the structural real estate assets

Optimized data center and energy systems

Guaranteeing excellent air quality and the ideal temperature inside Data Centers, increasing the energy efficiency of the system, is possible thanks to consumption forecasting models. Predictive control logics are used to anticipate changes, maintaining balance rather than trying to restore it.

+ Stability of climatic conditions

–20% Reduction of air conditioning consumption in Datacenters and buildings

Cross selling for insurance products

With a broad market offer, it is crucial to target customers on the products most suitable for them, maximizing cross selling and retention. Algorithms make it possible to use the characteristics of the customer and of their purchases to maximize the probability of customer loyalty.

+ 85% cross selling accuracy

+ 75% conversion rate accuracy on prospects

+ accuracy in customer purchase forecasting