Explore the potential of AI
to accelerate your business.

We help you generate new opportunities
for sustainable development in the company,
applying advanced mathematical solutions and
creating awareness on the use of data.


We provide mathematical and AI solutions based on specific business objectives, to extract maximum value from data, focusing on the needs of the end user.


We engineer the creative process, from the genesis of the idea to the integration of the end-to-end software solution into existing IT systems.


We build inclusive collaboration models to make AI understandable, accessible and communicable to the stakeholders involved in the processes.


We interpret complex problems of different sectors by adopting a multidisciplinary approach, powered by the synergy of our team of engineers, mathematicians, computer scientists, philosophers and designers.


AI systems to prevent malfunctions, to forecast sales, to improve product quality, to predict market trends in advance, to plan production, to save energy and to increase process productivity.


Today, Multiutilities have important challenges to face: from the circularity of the development model to the attention to customers and territory, from optimized energy management to the reduction of waste and environmental impact. All this can be enhanced and enabled by a responsible and informed use of data.


The digitization of the processes and services offered, the new paradigms of open banking and the growing competitive and growth pressure make the use of algorithms essential to enhance the insurance and banking businesses.


In this highly competitive and volatile sector, it is essential to review the offer and processes to focus on the customer and on the competitiveness of companies. By interpreting the amount of data available, it is possible to build optimal marketing strategies and optimize the supply chain and asset management.


Each store has its own uniqueness in terms of customers, structure and flows. AI algorithms offer a valid solution for the overall management of stores and warehouses and for the construction of effective marketing campaigns.


In a constantly changing sector such as the Automotive area, innovative tools are needed to be competitive on the market. Quality control remains the central element of this supply chain, which today benefits enormously from Image Analysis algorithms.


Attention to waste and energy consumption is increasingly important in the FOOD sector. The application of AI algorithms to sales and management strategies at the points of sale offers numerous advantages both in terms of efficiency and sustainability of the entire supply chain.


AI algorithms in sports are powerful allies on the pitch. Analysis of the images and videos of matches are used to define increasingly advanced sponsorship strategies and to identify new game tactics to support technical teams.