to the first
AI experimental
school in Italy

LUCY was set up in Modena

Together with the Comprehensive 3 Mattarella Institute in Modena, we have created LUCY: the first experimental school in Italy on artificial intelligence, aimed at lower secondary schools. We are extremely proud of this ambitious pilot project, and excited to bring it soon to the rest of Italy and abroad.

LUCY’s goal is to educate young people and adults to understand and use artificial intelligence data and technologies in a conscious and responsible manner, through an actual curricular learning path, based on sensory experience.

“We teach people to fully understand AI with awareness, curiosity and a critical sense”

Educating to think

Humanity of Artificial Intelligence

In the same way that as children we learn about the world through the senses, similarly we can learn about AI and its foundations through a sensory experience, inspired by Doing and Thinking learning.

This project, launched on the occasion of the Filosofia 2019 festival in Modena, has expanded through talks, videos and lessons for students and teachers in various schools throughout Italy.


Pathways of “Alternanza Scuola Lavoro” and Student Internship

How best to describe a Data Science project in an effective and creative way, combining different skills?

The Data Experience project aims to stimulate students to reflect on the need to communicate projects and work experiences, linked to data, developing the ability to observe, rework and create, in addition to the digital skills necessary for technological development.

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The art of data

Open-Source Learning and Monitoring Lab

What are we feeding artificial intelligence with?

The first part of the long journey that data travels before being processed by artificial intelligence is to be produced and collected. For this, we have created a laboratory on IoT and data analysis, which uses the open source platform theartofdata.tech, to generate data, collect them in the cloud and display them in real time.

In 2018 the project was awarded as the best example of responsible innovation.

the platform


Data-driven energy savings

Have you ever thought about how much and how school consumes?

It doesn’t take much to find out: an Arduino, a resistor and a photoresistor! We can monitor school consumption in real time through this project which, starting with students, extends to the entire school community to spread good practices of responsible consumption, derived from data analysis.