We don’t
need no
—we don’t
need thought

Educate derives from
the Latin verb educĕre and is
the union of ē- “from, out of”
and dūcĕre “to lead”.

With educational activities and projects,
we aim to lead people to the
discovery of growth paths that
can combine data culture and
humanistic thought; at the same time,
we seek to dissolve the doubts
and uncertainties caused by the
complexity we live in to give
space to critical thinking.

De Arte

Didactic methodology on artificial intelligence

Is it possible to rediscover the power of human thought by studying how machines think?

AI is a very powerful tool that can help us in many activities, even in education. Like all tools, however, it is necessary to learn how to use it and understand its basic principles, to educate on responsibility and to learn to imagine new solutions to the problems we are faced with.

Discover our

Since we began as Energy Way we have conceived and implemented numerous educational projects concerning artificial intelligence but also sustainability and sustainable mobility.

for experiential

Proposal for a humanistic conception of artificial intelligence

The development of Artificial Intelligence is radically transforming our ability to interpret and understand our reality. Each phenomenon is a complex system of interconnected information, which could be considered as a key resource in fostering new opportunities for sustainable growth.
We aim to enhance these resources, through an explicit act of reaffirming human awareness, perfected and enhanced by mathematics, as a tool for generating new visions and new opportunities for social development.