This Bestiary is a surreal project that describes new communicative imaginaries on artificial intelligence.

Through the Bestiary, we want to visualize, recount, and make accessible, a world that is difficult to understand.

Through images and stories, we help to understand the complexity of technologies, but also to see their beauty.


“Everyone thinks that artificial intelligence is a mysterious and mechanical witchcraft that only a few scientists can control.”

“Actually, few people know how the story of ingenious artifices, and the human Intelligence that created them, unwound.”

Il Flamingo

Also known as
Forecasting Algorithm
Flamingo Anticipatore is a migratory bird, and its real prerogative is to predict the atmospheric conditions before moving to a very distant place. It’s a bird that can benefit from an important quality: the overview. This is why we have associated it with the Forecasting Algorithm, a technology based on the study of past and present data and on the analysis of future trends. This Flamingo symbolizes the ML model that learns basing on the experience of previous data to recognize the significant patterns of the phenomenon and to predict the evolution of the process.

Understanding – Predict – Anticipate – Forecast

Understanding Predict Anticipate Forecast

The Monodontida
Raccomanda Emozioni

Also known as
Marketing Recommendation Engine
With Monodontida Raccomanda Emozioni you enter an extrasensory world, the deep world of unexpressed desires, an immense sea of possibilities, like the infinite choices that the web offers us. This is why we have chosen a giant cetacean that swims in the ocean vastness, to symbolize the immeasurability of our aspirations and the depth of our desires. This cetacean really has a face that resembles a human one, which is what the meaning of the story is centered on. MRE technologies are all customer-centric, they study us, observe us, take our appearance to put themselves in our shoes and propose those things that are the most suitable for us.

Guiding – Interpreting – Studying – Proposing – Healing

Guiding Interpreting Studying Proposing Healing

The Immangiatore

Also known as
Image Analysis
The Immangiatore Aquattrocchi is committed to finding details in the images he sees; he is obsessed with the world around him. We wanted to underline his spasmodic search for details, illustrating his trudging and stumbling on the same numerous images that he studies.
This beast draws a single movement with the gesture of the hands and legs, the constant intent to see details, in a tireless continuum. Some images are trampled by him, symbolizing the inability of the Immangiatore (and the Image Analysis algorithm) to really understand the meaning of what he sees; in other words, he has been trained to predict a certain thing, but he is unable to short-circuit the nuanced and sophisticated work of understanding what an image actually means.

Classify – See – Identify – Detect

Classify See Identify Detect

The Nibbio
Logo Poietico

Also known as
Natural Language Processing
The Nibbio Logo Poietico synthesizes and designs the complex geometric shapes of the word embedding (literally immersion of words) of the Natural Language Processing algorithms in a rush of twirls and pirouettes.
The Nibbio has learned to recognize and understand those strange expressions that come out of the mouth of human beings, to translate them into geometric shapes, drawing them with the twirls of his body and navigating the sky as if it were an open book.
Geometric shapes stand in the place of words, in the digital space of the algorithm, so that each representation corresponds to the meaning of a word. Here, how NLP algorithms can understand and even translate texts in any language of the world is explained.

Read – Interpret – Translate – Group

Read Interpret Translate Group

A "fantastic" work that, through creative and artistic analogies, helps to explain what artificial intelligence is by demystifying its paradigms and bringing people closer to this discipline that so many talk about, without knowing it.

It is a contribution also aimed at breaking down the unnatural barriers that we have created between humanities and science by pushing us to use all the tools we have to understand the reality that surrounds us and use our intelligence for the good of humanity and the entire planet.

Piero PocciantiPresident of the Italian Association for Artificial Intelligence

I started reading and I understood, from the first pages, that I was in front of a brilliant artifact, I had in my hands the emanation of your genius, of your way of thinking outside the box and of how fundamental this is, in being , in society as well as in business.

Marco RamilliFounder and CEO at YOROI