When reality flips upside down and the technology floods us, Ammagamma invents new imaginaries which help us understand what artificial intelligence could be.

La Regina Pluri Arto

The Multiple-Limbed Queen

aka Robotic Process Automation

In the history of man, needs change, but not that of wanting to own your own time. What, in fact, is more important than being able to devote yourself entirely to the activities that allow you to grow and evolve intellectually? There are cosmic inventions, universally worshipped, which thrill scientists animated by purely practical intentions (…)

Il Flamingo Anticipatore

The Anticipator Flamingo

aka Forecasting Algorithm

What is man profoundly uncertain about?
Certainly, on the content of the future. Ever since the intelligence of human beings was evolved enough to understand this uncertainty, they have tried hard to predict it. There must be a key, nothing happens without a reason! Understanding past events is the precious raw material needed to combine future visions (…)

To be continued.